1. DraycottPhotography

    British Superbikes - Donington Park Sunday 26th May 2019

    Sunday was my first visit to a British Superbikes event. This is only my 3rd time photographing motorbikes but I really enjoy it and luckily when the rain arrived I didn't need to put the camera away. Lots of images below and would love to know your feedback. Images shot with the Olympus OMD...
  2. MrDrizz

    Motorway average speed cameras

    Do some people know something I don't? On the M6 today and had loads of car go past at well over the 50mph limit (I have a set limit of 52mph). Don't these system just calculate the time it takes you to go from one camera to another and that should be at or below a set period.
  3. Fireproof Creative

    My 2016 Motorsport Wrap Sheet

    well my motorsport season is over - so as is traditional here's a small collection of my favourites :) Its been a busy year with more accredited events than not - met a lot of very talented people, its a wholly humbling experience :) All comments and criticisms gratefully received. Thanks 1...