1. Jean Fry

    Tall trees

    Forgive me if I've done this wrong - only joined today so having to find my way round the site. This is a pic taken on a walk in early May
  2. Darkslinger

    2020 Darkslinger's 52 Week Challenge - 2020

    Week #1 Local Interest - One day of nice parks and mountain views...
  3. Train Tracks.  Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

    Train Tracks. Taken on Nikon D5300 and edited in Lightroom Mobile.

  4. Two Sisters - Cleeve Hill

    Two Sisters - Cleeve Hill

    Winter Trees
  5. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Gardening
  6. mattwalkerncl

    Simon Baxter/ Mark Littlejohn trees

    I’m a huge Mark Littlejohn fan - from his satirical outlook to his locations and processing. I’ve been looking for gnarled and grizzly trees for ages, I’ve tried Cod Beck Reservoir near Northallerton, the moors north of Rivaleaux Abbey and Isthmus Bay and Hodge Close quarry in the lakes but...
  7. todders

    Whisper The Golds...

    Whisper The Golds... Taken with Nikon 1 V1 and 18.5mm
  8. TheAndyA


    A glimpse of Autumn. We're not quite in the Autumn season just yet, but I couldn't think of a decent title. :D Here's a photo from yesterday, taken on Strensall Common, near York. Glimpse by Andy Aveyard, on Flickr
  9. Moey

    Misty Morning Stroll.. ..

    I covered an engagement shoot at the weekend. We went to a local park where the early morning mist was still lingering. Here is one of the shots. I would have preferred the girl to have had her head straight as it looks attached to her partners head, but I was concentrating on the bit of...
  10. A Hazy Morning In Hope

    A Hazy Morning In Hope

    My first day out with my new camera. I had hoped to get to Mam Tor but my leg had other ideas, not that I was complaining with views like this to behold.
  11. saxton-mac

    Beginner Allotment Wasteland

    Hi all, Been wanting this shot for a while, but not 100% happy with the final product. Cant seem to pull out the details in the trees enough for my liking. Would be grateful for all your thoughts though! :)
  12. Stuart Mc

    Two Birches from Holme Fell

    A first visit to Holme Fell for sunrise yesterday - bit of a recce but it soon became apparent we were going to get a decent sunrise after the forecast was for clear blue everywhere (nice for a change) - despite taking a wrong turn in the dark and trekking up the steep side of the fell in ferns...
  13. wessyfiesta

    Autumn Colours

    Summer House by sam gosnay, on Flickr The Walk by sam gosnay, on Flickr A couple of autumn shots from the local park
  14. TheAndyA

    Edge of the Forest

    Another one from yesterday morning, taken near Dalby in North Yorkshire.
  15. TheAndyA

    Autumnal Glow

    Another Autumn thread (sorry) ;) Taken earlier today near Yearsley.
  16. Jusklaud

    Couple of shots during late evening forest walk

    Delamere Delamere Forest by Justin Saunders Forest sunset by Justin Saunders, on Flickr
  17. Boon

    Lakeside shots needed please..

    hi guys I don't take pictures anymore but I need a couple of decent lakeside / riverside pictures featuring trees and reflection for my oil painting challenge I have set myself. I want to see if I can get a painted picture selected for the nottm open this time next year but need inspiration, so...
  18. Will.B

    Critique Doleberry Warren, Mendips. Woodland Walk

    A few shots from a walk at Doleberry Warren Hillfort in the Mendips a while ago. Just working through my hard drive and came across them. #1 #2 #3 #4
  19. TheAndyA

    Woodland Stream

    I discovered this spot by accident earlier this week. Woodland Stream by Andy Aveyard, on Flickr
  20. milou

    New book

    Hello I'm fortunate to have a new book. Pre-orders of Landscape Editions Vol 2 featuring my Ridge Trees series (with 6 postcard prints) can be made with Kozo Books Cheers! David
  21. Autumnal View

    Autumnal View

  22. Autumnal View

    Autumnal View