wedding photography

  1. alexanderlewisphotography

    Beginner Advice for increasing clients for a wedding photographer

    Hello everyone, Alex here, a new user based in Bridgend, South Wales. I am really keen to learn what other wedding photographers are doing out there to gain more clients. Any help, advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. D

    Beginner Keeping costs down - wedding photography

    Just looking for a bit of advice here. For a couple of years I have been mainly into sports photography (american football) and got by using an 8GB SD card (I still consider myself a new to photography with not formal qualifications). Essentially, I have been doing this for a bit of sun and to...
  3. Joss Denham

    Best lens set up for weddings

    Hey everyone, wondering whats your favourite lens set up for shooting weddings. Im 85/35 with a 28 in my bag. shooting on sony a7iii.
  4. Gary.D

    A Bridal Portrait at The Lawn in Rochford, Essex

    I love this bridal portrait of Kayleigh from this weeks wedding at The Lawn in Rochford. Photo by
  5. Gary.D

    A Wedding at Bressingham Hall in Diss

    I would love to share these 2 recent images from a Wedding that I captured at Bressingham Hall in Diss. The reaction of the dad, took about 15 quick fire shots to get the best one! I loved the result.
  6. Paul Walker

    Event projector recommendations

    Hi all, looking to expand my offerings and with all day weddings looking to edit a small selection of the daytime shots and present them via a projector for evening wedding guests to view. It seems to be a minefield out there with small (pico) style projectors, especially with some of the...
  7. D

    Motorsports photography

    After several years of portrait and wedding photography I still would like to try my hand at more motor sports, however getting into this I have heard is not the easiest thing to do. I have covered a couple of motor sports events for myself but nothing that i would like to do though, the only...
  8. bucz

    Critique Recent wedding...

    Never had my photos critiqued here so decided it's time to change it. Here are some photos from the recent wedding at Dumfries House in Ayrshire. What are your thoughts guys? Some more can be seen on my blog here if anyone is interested. Thanks
  9. Gary.D

    Today's wedding - Ashingdon Church Essex

    Here are 2 from today's (yesterdays) wedding at Ashingdon Church in Essex. Would love any C&C Many thanks Gary
  10. Gary.D

    Wedding OCF - Stock Brook Manor Essex

    Would love C&C on this image from a technical view. I know already the client loves it, and it's one of their favourite images. How about your views from a technical side? Many thanks for your time in advance...
  11. Gary.D

    This Weekends Essex Weddings

    Another 2 great couples this weekend, at Channels Golf Club and The Lawn. As always, would love any C&C on the images. Many thanks Gary
  12. Eddzz!!

    Slightly missed focus - is this image acceptable?

    Slightly missed my focus point photographing a newlywed couple exiting the church... I've had a go trying to hide it in Lightroom. What do you think - still an acceptable image to include?
  13. Eddzz!!

    Shooting two different cameras - issue?

    Hey all, quick question... I have a wedding coming up which I will be shooting with a Canon 6D. I'm currently looking into replacing my backup body (Canon 7D) with a Fuji mirrorless camera. I don't often need to use two cameras when shooting at a wedding, but if I did have to resort to using the...