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Is 51,000 a lot of actuations on a modern mirrorless?

Canon say a minimum of 300,000, so is 51,000 a lot?

Methinks : It is only a lot if you take a lot of photos, so lets say the camera has 249,000 actuations remaining. If from now you take 249,000 photos a year with it (300,000-51,000=249,000) the camera will only last you a year . . . If from now you take 12,000 photos a year with it the camera will last you 20.75 years (249,000/12,000). It is all relative to your anticipated future use of the camera.
Also ....

As far as I recall the shutter back to dSLR (and before?) was declared as MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) in other words not a shutter lifespan but the anticipated "Mean" (average) that most of the cameras made by the manufacturer should reach......thus covering themselves for the early failures and the better/long times as appropriate.
Note ~ I read over the years bitter laments of for example "my shutter failed at 150,000 and it's supposed to last to 500,000" insert words like lying & cheating manufacturers as appropriate!

Now we have mirrorless and AFAIK the figure given is the MTBF of the mechanical shutter and completely unrelated to the eShutter (electronic shutter) which potentially could exceed the lifespan of other more 'mechanically used' parts like buttons & wheels.
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