Baslow Edge Highland cows are gone following a dog incident

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Browsing cattle are very beneficial to rough grazing which will otherwise turn into long dead grass and scrub, smothering out unique native plants.
.... Exactly! And this has been indisputably proved many times.

The Knepp Estate have pioneered a rewilding project in West Sussex, using free-roaming grazing animals to create new habitats for wildlife over about 3,500 acres.
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This is sad,we can't keep cows in fields,now. Good lord above !! Been a great read this thread cheers guys some really eloquent posts !!

We have to accept that the vast majority of our populous do not really understand animals. some love 'em some hate,but they don't "know"them or understand them.

They don't see a dog as an apex predator, a wolf, they see a doggy dog:rolleyes:. they utterly don't understand how other animals view what is on or off lead This is a ludicrous situation, I'm not much one for blame it solves little. I don't know the full circumstances anyway. These incidents will always happen because keepers don't fully understand their " pet" or how it is viewed by other animals,especially large ones that have the potential to harm if they feel threatened.

Your big problem is: "you", are collectively, ( even with all the differing POV's) are never going to change that because even education won't make them care.

Rob,to my eternal shame I actually went back and checked whether this was posted on 1st April and was some form of educated prank that would fly clean over my simple head,

Am i the only one seeing this ?? It is completely bonkers. .......

Right, lets kill all our cows cause they are in the countryside and a human and a dog might come into contact with them!! "

For our overseas members:

welcome to blightyo_O

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I was up on Baslow Edge this morning, and can confirm there are some highlands back in place. Only youths by the look of it, very friendly they were too - whilst I was sat on a rock they passed by almost within touching distance.