Best place to get films processed and scanned.

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A friend has come across some films and would like to get them processed and scanned. This is not for commercial work; it’s curiosity. Since these were taken, at least one family member is no longer here. She is not sure what’s on them. So a decent place but not high high end , please.
I'd go Filmdev as Terry suggested. They'll dev & scan and email you a dropbox link to download the scans. If you don't want the negs back you don't need to pay for their return. Small scans are good enough for internet use / 6x4 prints.

Other places are good too, but they're more expensive - or were when I last checked.
Yes, Filmdev are pretty rapid, very well priced compared with most, if you're getting scans, and do pretty good quality scans.
+1 for FilmDev, great service and great value.
Film Dev is fine if it is not E6 (slide film)......

Now that Peak has gone I used DSCL and was satisfied with the service I got.
I've used Jack's Lab for quite a while now - great people there.

Although the other half is dropping a roll into Photographique today (it's a minutes walk from her mums!) So going to see what they come out like. They are dearer than Jack's but quicker turnaround if that matters. I'm just doing it for convenience and interest this once.
I dropped four black and white films for dev-only, Freepost to The Darkroom in Cheltenham, Tuesday afternoon. Got an email yesterday at 14:45 saying they were done and would be posted. Always quick and excellent service, and great quality (never had any scratches etc), and they use XTOL if that makes a difference. (Filmdev use IlfoTec DD for their B&W.)
I was recommended FilmDev a while back and I've had no reason to go elsewhere as they've been excellent. Plus, I can't find anywhere that does it cheaper.

They REALLY come into their own if you want really large scans.

Last few times I've used them, I've got TIFF files back as I knew I'd be taking them into LR. They don't charge extra for this. And the files you get back are huge... 180MB per image or so.
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