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Capture the coast this summer with the National Trust photography competition.

Dramatic cliffs, windswept beaches, stormy seas, sandcastles and ice cream. These are just some of the evocative images of our coastal landscape you may want to capture this summer for a new photography competition.

Keen photographers of all ages are invited to enter the Trust's special photography competition to mark the 40th anniversary of the charity's Neptune Coastline Campaign. The most ambitious conservation project ever under taken in Britain, Neptune was set up to provide a fighting fund to acquire important areas of coastline under threat and is still protecting the natural coastline of Britain 40 years on.

The competition runs from 26 May to 26 September and there are prizes to be won in each of the three categories. All photographs must be taken on or from National Trust land but with over 700 miles of coast around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there will be plenty of places to choose from.


I know that they own a lot of land and that it shouldn't really be difficult to find National Trust land but a few searches have turned up no results for a definative map of National Trust owned land :icon_eek: