Cobra, Rest in Peace

He is and always will be much missed but for the rest of us, life goes on.
I have just taken down the site notice about Cobra. Very poignant for many of us and something I am very reluctant to do but I think we owe it to him to keep this place going forwards in his memory.


I'd have probably left it there for a month or so.... that's just me...

For me it's end of an era, more so than when you guys took over as owners. The ownership change didn't make much difference to my TP life. Cobra was the one and only admin/mod I knew and dealt with during my time here. He was basically "always there".

Now I'll have to get to know new people :runaway:
I've not known Chris as long as most here, but the Chris I got to know was always up for a laugh and joke, I'm sure he'd want things to carry on in the best way possible.

I think we owe it to him to keep this place going forwards in his memory.
He will be missed and TP won't be the same, but I agree with this.
Can't believe I only just realised what's happened, I've been diving on here in short bursts lately and not really looked at the threads and new posts.
Very sad news indeed, RIP Chris, and I'll be trying hard to get a nice shot for the 52 challenge this week in your memory.
My condolences to Chris' family and friends x

(Sorry I'm late, not been on here for a bit)
Chris was quick to welcome me to Talkphotography when I joined and was always there to help if I needed it, I'm autistic, he was a true gent, friend and had a great sense of humour, I will miss him greatly. My sincere and depest condolences to all his family.

So sad to hear this I will miss Chris.
My thoughts are with his family.
Not been on here for a while but absolutely gutted to read this.
Always fair and a fellow man from the land of the concrete cows.
Condolences to family and friends.
Massive hole left in the TP forum with his loss.
I have just totted up the donations received by various means from TP members, and rounded it up a bit from existing funds, and will be contacting Chris' children to tell them we have collected £325 on his behalf, and asking how they would like it either forwarded or used in his name.
Thanks to all who donated, and for the many kind sentiments expressed.
At the request of Chris' family, we have made the donation in his name of £325 to Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes.
Chris' family have advised that his funeral will be on 3rd May at 10:45, somewhere in the Milton Keynes/Newport Pagnell area. If anyone would like to attend, please let me know as they would like to know numbers before giving out details of the location. Sadly I can't make it having just moved to Northern Ireland, and I know that most TP members are scattered far and wide, but just in case anyone can and wants to, please PM me.
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Oh no_Only just found out such sad news. may you R.I.P. mate.Always found you a lovely and helpful guy.
No wonder so many have posted .Love and condolences to all your family.
So sorry.