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The other Chris
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Some people have noticed that @Cobra has been away from the site for a few days. We’ve not been able to make contact with ole snakey yet but rest assured that we admins and mods are trying all avenues to get in touch with him. Obviously in the absence of news I'm sure he is in all our thoughts and we are hoping for the best. Meantime we will do our best to keep everything running in a way Chris would find acceptable.
Thanks for your good wishes on his behalf.
Fingers crossed that all is well........perhaps just resting after digesting his once a week/month
victim meal ;)
Let's hope he's ok...

But in the meantime. While the cat's/ snake's away ;)
Hope he’s ok and just has hasn’t been able to get online
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Hope everything is well with Snakey.

Any news yet ?
Thinking of you Chris I do hope all is well .
He doesn't strike me as someone who will just drop out on a whim, so logically something has happened.
My thoughts too ... hope he is okay even if temporarily out of action.
It's probably safe to say he isn't on the POTN forum. :p
I imagine that if he or his family wanted to get in touch they would have by now and a photography forum, however important it is to us, is probably not their top priority at the moment. Maybe we just need to give it time.
Life gets in a way sometimes, hope everything is okay with him and he'll be back soon!
TP just isn't TP without the snakey one!!! Hope all is well....
Hope all is fine .. not like Chris at all
Fingers crossed that he's back soon.
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