D3500 vs D5600

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I'm looking at buying a DSLR for the first time and would prefer to avoid used because I'm not confident I'd be able to check the condition properly and with the current lockdown procedures it could be tricky.

I did some research and the D3500 looked like good value, and I could currently get one with a AF-P DX 18-55 VR lens for £419 through Nikon directly. This camera seems to be sold out on a lot of places, and I found it on some grey market places for great deals but I am wary of buying through those places.

I have also seen that I could get a D5600 with the same lens for £549 on Amazon.

I am wondering if this £130 difference is worth it? The Wi-Fi connectivity sounds useful, I'm not too fussed over the touchscreen I don't think, and the extra auto-focus points sounds useful from my research but I don't know how practically beneficial that would be. However, part of me thinks I could save that £130 and buy a new lens or, if I really get into photography, a better camera later on.

In summary, D3500 + lens for £419 or D5600 + lens for £549?