Dale wins the Quaich

For my (biggish [60th]) birthday, Mrs Nod bought me one of THESE. Narrow feet aren't ideal on soft ground but it's great when there are 4 flights in a departure lounge that has seating for one...
A bit late, but well done Dale.
Now that all the well deserved praise has been given, does anyone know what sort of Quaich it was ... Stilton & Broccoli, Cheese & Onion ??

I confess to reading it as Quidditch at least twice
Said Quaich.

Ironic I won it but can't take a decent pic of it. Quickly set up phone pic of course. :LOL:

Quaich Tradition.

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Interesting, looks like a drinking cup?

Went looking and found this page.....
Well deserved, Dale :banana:

I didn't do too badly in our clubs competition (Bon Accord CC)
I won the League 1 DPI monthly competition winning by 0.1pts
The best Landscape in the Grampian Eye competition, a competition between all participating clubs in the Grampian Region up as far as Forres.
Also a new trophy by an elderly ex member for the best local image

Now it starts all over again with the first monthly competition tonight.
Excellent Dale, well deserved (y)
If you win with lens x then surely you should never change it?
I think more along the lines of “I’ll get this as a reward to myself for winning, I’ve earned it”.
Well done indeed ;)
first picture of me and my brother "fishing", the river annick up at my nanas, i must have been 5 then, fished ever since @ 57 so thought id like to end up there, the kids know where to put me

just worked out i was 7, must of seen that pic hundreds of times and not noticed the date on it