Easycover silicone case v Smallrig 2926 for Nikon Z7ii

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I'm now the proud owner of a Nikon Z7ii. The question now is 'How can I protect it?' I did consider an Easycover silicone case. I've got one on my D800 and it was invaluable in keeping the dust and sand out of the body whilst I was on holiday in Egypt last year. However, I've seen rave reviews about the Smallrig 2926 case which seems to protect the body against knocks but not much else. The problem is that it doesn't seem to offer the same degree of protection against dust as the Easycover case. I'm taking the camera to India in October and I've been told that the problems with dust are as bad as I found in Egypt. The ideal situation would be to fit both. However I know that that's not possible. Has anyone had the same dilemma and what did you finally decide please? As ever, I look forward to reading your comments in due course. Many thanks.