Excellent Student Photographers work

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In November, students on the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography MA course at the London College of Communication presented their projects to the public at an exhibition in London.
The Elephants in the Room exhibition saw students address societal issues from around the world, from post-colonialism to mental health, ageing, inequality and migration.

Using photographs, film and text, the students presented a visual exploration of their chosen subject.

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Excellent work. From the images shown... However I would have liked so see more from each series not just the best.

It was a good college when it was at Back hill Clerkenwell in the form of the London college of Printing and Graphic Art
it has had various names since then, ending up with the present London College of Communication.

In my days there, the thought of a photographic degree of any sort was only a dream, and not a reality anywhere in this country.
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More about the exhibition

Some more details on the work

Still Waters by Zoe Savitz - https://www.zoesavitz.com/still-waters/
Worth a look at her website and portfolio. Typical work you'd see in BJP, very interesting and well photographed.

Oltremare by Marco Massa - http://www.marcomassa.net/oltremare/
This is a very intimate portrait of his mums life dealing with Parkinsons, almost voyeristic, slightly uncomfortable feeling as if one is intruding into personal moments...
I like his documentary work on Italy's earthquakes as well

The British Heritage Project, by Tom Warland - http://www.tombobwarland.com/
An interesting collection of traditional crafts and the people keeping them alive. Whats clever is the way he's kept the same feel, atmostphere and approach throughout the whole set of images.

Manscape, by Adam Onishi - https://adam-onishi.format.com/
as well as his manscape series he also has an excellent series exploring his own personal experiences with depression, a brave subject to portray, to expose.
The manscape portraits are well staged, the film is definitely worth a watch.

I haven't had time yet to fully explore the other students work but here's links

We Are Still Here, by Jesper Houborg - https://www.jesperhouborg.com/#1
Ce N'est Pas Moi (It's Not Me), by Aylin Illel - http://aylinillel.com/ - not this piece of work but her website
Ikaria, by Lily Bungay - http://www.lilybungay.com/
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Not at all sure about Zoe Savitz - the images don't speak to me or hold my attention at all really - like dull versions of Nat Geo images. I explored some of the other sections of the site too, but the images didn't tell me a story.

Marco Massa's work looked much more interesting, showing how his parents are working through their situation. I was also quite jealous of the earthquake shots, taken with the view of someone on the 'inside' instead of being a tourist.

Mixed bag from Tom Warland, with some sets telling the story well and some just looking like he followed a formula. Also the odd incongruously processed image (e.g. selenium toning for one mono shot).

Adam Onishi does a fair portrait, but I'm not sure chaps looking glumly into the distance and a rather phallic sausage dropped in a beer (or was THAT the message?) say too much about mental health. His images regarding his own mental health issues were stronger, but hard to identify with, and I'd suggest the set that The23rdman (Dean) showed here to express similar things were vastly more powerful.

I did look at the original BBC article, but most of the images didn't really seem to say much *to me*, so I didn't explore further at the time.