Film Photographer of the Year 2017 - Rules and Themes

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Film Photographer of the Year 2017

Each monthly theme will have one thread, which will cover entries, voting and results. Hopefully this should keep everything simple and mean there aren’t loads of FPOTY thread floating around unnecessarily.

On the first day of each month, the months thread will be created. Members may submit their photo in this thread up until the last day of the month. After the theme closes, a poll will be set up to allow members to vote for three images (any TP member may vote, not just those that enter), and this poll will run for seven days. After the poll closes the votes will be counted and points will be awarded to each participant based on their position, and updated tables will be posted showing monthly and overall positions. At the end of the year the winner is the one with the most points!

There are two months with an open theme, in January and July. These are necessary because there were so many themes tied for 11th and 12 place in the voting. I’ve put one in January to give more flexibility during the first month where there’s less time to get a photo.

  • January- Open theme, anything goes!
  • February- Architecture
  • March- Lines
  • April- Shadows
  • May- Transport
  • June- Forgotten Objects
  • July- Open theme, anything goes!
  • August- Trees
  • September- Bridges
  • October- Signs
  • November- Churches
  • December- Reflections

  • Points are awarded for places 1 to 5 (1st - 10 points. 2nd - 8 points. 3rd - 6 points. 4th - 4 points. 5th - 2 points)
  • All images must be taken on film.
  • Images must have been taken by you.
  • Creative interpretation of themes is encouraged, but please don’t enter photos which clearly do not fit the theme.
  • One entry per member per month.
  • Entries cannot be changed once submitted.
  • Photos may be taken from now until the last day of the month for that theme, not just during that month. For example, you can take your photo for “Churches” any time between now and November the 30th, but it can only be entered into FPOTY between 1st November and 30th November when the thread is open.

This thread is for rules and themes only, please don't reply. The discussion thread is found HERE
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