FILM Photographer of the Year 2018 - Rules and Themes

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The rules are more or less the same as FPOTY 2017, but with a couple of additions and clarifications to fill the gaps which were present.


FPOTY is a yearlong competition divided into 12 smaller monthly competitions, or “themes”. Each theme starts on the first of each calendar month and ends at 23.59 on the final day of that same month. Entries are required to be posted (not taken, see below) in the specific thread for that theme by the closing date.

A photo may be taken from the time the themes are announced on December 1st 2017, until the final day of the month for that theme. For example, January’s entry may be taken between 1st December 2017 and 31st January 2018, and October’s entry can be taken between 1st December 2017 and 31st October 2018.

After the theme has closed, a poll will be added to allow users (not just those that have entered, or just the F&C regulars, anyone can vote) to vote on their choices to win that month’s theme. This poll will typically appear on the first day of the next month, with some leeway as the organiser (me) might be unavailable for a day or two. It will remain open for seven calendar days, after which it will close automatically.

Once the poll has closed, the organiser will count up the votes for each competitor, add the results to the year to date table. The overall theme winner and point scorers will be announced and the up to date table displayed.

After every theme is complete, and the year is finished, the overall winner of FPOTY 2018 will be the person (or persons, in the event of a draw) on the highest amount of points scored over the year. There is no prize apart from being able to brag about it at the next F&C meet!



All images entered in FPOTY 2018 must have been taken by you.

All images entered must be TAKEN ON FILM and on or after the 1st December 2017 when the themes are unveiled. The date the photo is taken is defined as the day the shutter is pressed to record the image to film, not the date the film was scanned etc.

Digital scans of film are obviously acceptable, but so are scans of wet prints, scans of Polaroids, or even a photogram if you’re feeling particularly brave. Lab developing or scanning of films is perfectly acceptable.

Anyone can enter this competition at any time, providing that all the rules are met. You do not need to sign up or do anything except post a suitable film photo in the thread for the theme.

One entry per competitor per month.

Entries cannot be changed once submitted. However, if you find that Flickr etc over sharpens your image or a similar issue, then you are free to re-upload the image again with small changes to make sure that it looks it’s best on the theme thread. To clarify, you cannot change your image for another one, but you can re-upload the same image again with minor amendments which affect the way it’s displayed.

Ideally entries should be safe for work. Entries which are NSFW can still be submitted providing that they meet the forum rules, but they should be posted as a link rather than embedded in the thread. They must have a note to say that they are NSFW In order to help people keep their jobs if they’re at work on their lunch, or browsing the forum next to their family etc.

There are no restrictions on the interpretation of a theme, but be aware that other members who are voting may not share your elastic interpretation and vote accordingly. So if you take a photo of a goat for a theme titled “trees”, expect this to be reflected in the number of votes you receive (unless it’s a photo of a goat in a tree of course!)


The number of votes that each user is able to use is equal to one third of the number of entries, rounded down. For example, 14 entries means 4 votes, 18 entries means 6 votes, and 23 entries means 7 votes.#

You do not have to use all of your votes, but it is encouraged in order to get enough votes overall to define the top 12 places.

Votes are private, and who you vote for cannot be seen by other members.

When voting remember this is a friendly competition between forum members. I have never voted for myself, but I believe there is one member who has cast a single vote for themselves on at least one occasion. The ethics of tactical voting aren’t going to be discussed here as we’re all adults and can decided what’s right and wrong on our own.


Points are awarded from 12 to 1 in a descending order from 1st place to 12th place. (1st – 12 points, 2nd – 11 points, etc, through to 11th – 2 points, 12th – 1 point).

In the event that the number of votes for two (or more) entries is the same, they will be considered a tie and receive the same amount of points. In this situation, the next person down will receive points for the actual place, not adjusted based on the draw. (i.e. a draw for third place would mean the results 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th, 6th).

The year to date table will be sorted first by total number of points, then by the number of points received in total excluding the most recent month, and finally by the total number of votes over the course of the competition. The reason for this is so that if you are behind another competitor you actually have to have a total amount of points which is higher than theirs to go ahead of them; having the same amount of points will mean you sit below them.


Now the part that you've all been waiting for! The themes for 2018 are:

January: The decisive moment
February: Still life
March: Chains
April: Fake
May: Wheels
June: Airborne
July: Speed
August: Close up and macro
September: Natural light portrait
October: Street shot
November: Waste
December: Wet

Please do not reply to this thread, discussion to be kept in the discussion thread here
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There we go, everything is magically fixed now :D I usually have two windows open when I'm doing the polls, so I can copy the names from one into the poll on the other window. One window must have had this thread up instead.

All sorted (y)