FILM Photographer of the Year 2019 - August - Decay

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The theme for August 2019 is DECAY.

Entries to be posted in this thread by 23:59 on Saturday 31st August 2019. A poll will go up for seven days afterwards.

Entries must be SHOT ON FILM, and must be TAKEN ON OR AFTER THE 28th NOVEMBER 2018.

This thread is for entries only. The rules and themes can be found here, and the discussion thread for 2019 is here.
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There used to be dog shows in this field. They'd attract a sizeable crowd of participants and spectators and, while I never stopped to watch, I drove past and witnessed them often enought to recognise that they were a fairly regular occurrence.

Then a few years ago they just stopped. I don't know why they ended (or even realised that they had at first) but it became apparent that the field was starting to become unkempt and, before long, the container in the mddle of the field that had contained the ramps, tunnels and other obstacles for the jogs to negotiate was opened to the elements. More recently it's had sizeable chunks of its structure removed. The field seems to have a new lease of life where wildflowers are concerned though!

Minolta Hi-Matic G2
Ilford HP5+

FILM - Where the dog-shows used to be
by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr