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Hi all, I couldn't see a forum suggestion catagory so I guess this is the next closest suitable forum for it. I'm back after a long hiatus and one kind of photography i'm trying to get into lately is product photography, so naturally I went to look for some inspiration on my return and notcied that there isn't a sub catagory for the ever popular subject of prodict photography in the critique section, so I would like to ssuggest that it could be added as its own sub catagory?

Thanks :)
The only question I would raise is would this lead to a form of business advertising ? Maybe the Photos General thread would cover this anyway. I can possibly forsee posts such as" I have made several of this product surplus to my needs,so if anyone is interested"type of thing.
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There’s a product photography question about every 2 months.
Mostly they are either asked or end up in the Lighting sub forum.

Also in the lighting section you’ll find some old challenges, and all kinds of interesting content.

There’s also a couple of resources penned by @Garry Edwards
so I would like to ssuggest that it could be added as its own sub catagory?
There are no plans to add any further forums or sub forums.
As other members have suggested, there are plenty of other forums that product photography will slot into if you are looking for feedback.
@wez130 I'd also add that if you've any specific questions, or you've something you want to share for feedback, the general sharing section is an option, but if you want the views of some lighting experts (what most studio photography comes down to) then the lighting section is probably the best first call.
Here's an interesting site (To me)
Tin House Studios. Not at all "Youtubey" lots of interesting insight into product photography, a fair ammount of techy stuff but with a slight bias to the business side, bordering on the philosophical!
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Other than that, have a trawl through @Garry Edwards posts. (y)