Weekly GarethB's 52 challenge for 2019 - Week 51 & 52 - CHRISTMASSY & OUTTAKES - FINISHED!



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Well done on getting to the finish line Gareth.. Love the Christmassy shot and well done. What on earth were you thinking on the long exposure shot :D Good to see that we all still make a mistake and keep the image to try and learn from.
Many thanks Dave!
Yeah, the outtake is dreadful! Nice framing though, don't you think?!:LOL:

A great way to finish off Gareth, Chrstmassy is a great image and the out-take is nice too. well done for finishing and thanks for being one of those who have inspired me.
Thank you too Jim, most appreciated, looking forward to seeing more from you next year!(y)

Very well done and congratulations on successfully completing your 2019 Photo52. :clap::clap::clap:

Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement too.

All the best for the New Year!
Thank you too Stan, it's been great fun indeed, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of your superb images next year!(y)

Well done and gook luck for next year and next years 52
Thank you most kindly Allan, I have appreciated all the kind, positive comments from you and everyone here immensely!(y)
I think I can speak for everyone here and say that we will miss your excellent photography next year, but after 8 years on the trot, I suppose you deserve a rest!;)

Well done on finishing Gareth. Great out takes especially your light trails or lack of them.
Many thanks Clive!
They might have been really good light trails...

...but they weren't!!:LOL:

Hi Gareth,
Christmassy - It does look festive with those colours, and playing with ICM is fun isn't it.
Out-Takes - Well, we all start somewhere. Funnily enough I have some on film that look a bit like that, thought taken in the forests during one of the Lombard RAC Rallys. I had frozen the car with flash, but I assume it must have been 1st curtain sync as the lights extended out of the front of the car. I liked the effect, but obviously had no idea it was going to turn out like that (and forums like this didn't exist back in the late 80s - so no reading up) until the film had been processed.
Thank you kindly Tim, I appreciate the comments as always!(y)
Sadly, I haven't even tried light trails since...although I did get some ok-ish shots later that evening.
I thought I was being clever leaving it til that time of year - to catch the rush hour traffic just as the 'sun' was setting, but that was many miscalculations I made that night!
You live and learn!:LOL:

Two good shots to finish your 52 project Gareth. Well done for completing it (y)
Many thanks Lee, always appreciate the positive comments!(y)
Looking forward to more top notch imagery from you next year!

Really enjoyed your thread this year. Looking forward to 2020!!
Thank you kindly Bob!(y)
Same here - can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year!

Conrats on Completing your 52 Gareth.

I always look forward to seeing your entries, apart from your dismal outtake :p:D:p:D:p:D

Many thanks Pete, as always, I really appreciate the positive comments!
Even the one on my dismal outtake!:LOL: Although it is a very appropriate comment!!!:LOL::LOL:
It really is dreadful isn't it?!:LOL::LOL::LOL: