Got a bit confused

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Whilst out on a walk today I offered to take a photograph for a couple using one of their cameras. It was a Cannon a camera I am familiar, the only problem was all on screen details were in Chinese. took me a couple of minutes to sort it out. The main buttons were in the same place, thankfully though.
Not a grey import, just the lass who owned the camera was a Chinese student.
My sister and I were visiting Kinderdijk, in the Netherlands, a few years ago and a Chinese gent asked her in pidgeon English (he must have heard us chatting) if she would take a picture of him and his family. She agreed and he started to explain various controls which were all in Chinese. He stood there drop-jawed when she said to him it was okay she could understand it all ... in perfect Cantonese :eek:

At the time she had her own translation and interpretation agency and spoke six languages fluently herself :D