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  1. sprite1275


    Edit My Images:
    So this is my first post and why ive joined. Hello folks.

    I also know nothing about photography but looking forward to learning both. This looks like a great forum and looking at the pics here a lot of knowledgeable pro's.

    Reason I bought the RX100m3 is that it's so small that I will take it out and use it more instead of my phone. I also have a Fujifilm X-S1 but because of its size I just don't take it out hence I've hardly used it and it's just been sitting in the wardrobe. So the Fuji is going to be sold.

    Deciding on a compact camera came down to the RX100m3, canon G7Xm2 and the panny lx100. The canon was going to be my choice but with the sony dropping in price recently and with my work discount I could get it a lot cheaper than the other two.

    Anyway I'm going to be reading all beginer guides around here and having a play when I get some spare time.
    One question is what's a good software program for altering pictures? I have Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 which I bought years ago, is this any good to use?

  2. Jannyfox


    Edit My Images:
    I know nothing about compacts so can't answer that bit, but Paintshop I do know about. If you take RAWs (do compacts do RAW?) your version isn't going to be able to read it. If you're taking JPEGs it'll be fine. You may find down the line that PSP X3 lacks features you'd like. That would be the time to buy a newer version or change to Lightroom/Photoshop, but what you have will definitely get you started.
  3. maarten.dhaese


    Maarten D'Haese
    Edit My Images:
    The Sony RX100 MkIII can be configured to shoot RAW + JPEG, which is what I would recommend you do.

    Adobe Lightroom is probably the most widely used image processing software. It's main purpose is to perform RAW processing but it can also be used for JPEGs.

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