Beginner Hello

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A quick message to say hello, I've been reading through, and thought it was time to join in.

When my Pentax KX broke recently 2 days before a holiday, I picked up a very cheap Canon 450d and kit lens from ebay for £101 (Delivered to a caravan on the edge of a cliff, with no address!), and remembered that I like to take pictures. I'm not sure what happened to Pentax availability, but Canon seemed to have lots more expandability, and cheaper lenses available, which makes up for the lose of my two Pentax kit lenses.

Having moved house recently, and lost contact with a lot of friends, I've been popping out for photo walks by myself, . I'm starting to find a few shots I like (for now at least), and more to the point, to realise what sort I like taking - and I'm learning.

This is just to say hello, and start joining in.