Review Lacie 120GB Mobile Hard Drive - Mini Review

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Lacie 120GB Mobile Hard Drive - Mini Review

Just a quick review of the Lacie 120gb mobile hard drive, I recently used on a Photography shoot as back up to my Laptop.

Model - LaCie, 120GB Mobile Hard Drive, High speed USB2.0 - Part Number 301178

2 Year Warranty

MAC / PC Compatible


Top view of drive

Side view of drive

End view showing connections

Package contents

The Drive comes package as follows,
The drive itself 120gb in this case with a mini USB socket and a Mini jack socket, USB 2.0 to Mini USB cable, USB to Mini jack plug cable, Software disc, Instructions.

The drive, usb to usb cable, software cd, instructions are all self explanatory, the nice thing is the USB to mini jack plug cable, this is to be used when your USB port cannot supply enough power to run the drive on it own, like when you use a Laptop, as some usb ports are limited power, you plug the extra cable into a spare usb port and the jack plug into the drive and it routes the power from the second usb port to the drive, doubling the power. I dint need to use this as after initial spin up of the disc my laptop was happy with the power usage.

Drive size

137mm long
77mm wide
15mm high

Operational test

I used the drive as a backup for my laptop and my Photos taken in a week away. Formatted the drive for FAT 32. I made a bootable copy of my operating system etc on 1 partition i had made, and used the second partition to back up my Photos for the week. I amassed a total of 35gb of Photos in the week, which were downloaded to my laptop drive and the Lacie 120gb drive.
I didnt encounter a problem with the drive at all during the week.

When I returned I conducted a Disc Whack speed test, which involves a bit of software writing and reading data to / from the drive to determine its true speed.


Read test - 14.4 MB/s
Write test - 13.7 MB/s


I found the drive to be Just what a needed, which was cheap storage, I cannot fault the operation of the Drive at all, the only thing which would have been nice is a case/cover to keep the drive in when not in use.

120gb Lacie Drive - Approx £45