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Calling all Linux users!

I'm a Mac user and a windows user before that. I tinker with Linux and manage to fudge my way around the CLI with the help of google and youtube. I have a few RPi's setup doing various things like Pihole, Reverse DNS, Home Assistant, Ubuntu Web Dev Server and one that just runs an email client for filtering my emails which is the subject of this post.

I'm running Raspian and Claws email client. I did try Thuderbird but found it very bloated and slow to load especially over a VNC Viewer from other machines on my network. Claws is very lightweight but it's failing me with the filtering.

So I have some very basic filters like if the email is from X then move it to Y or
If the subject contains this then move the email there.

I also have filters setup to capture and delete spam emails. I search for certain terms in the subject or the body and bin them based on that. Just lately I have been getting a load of junk from various .co email addresses so I thought it would be good to simple block all emails from a .co email. Of course I can't search for email containing .co or I'll trash all, com or anything else with .co in it so I thought I'd use RegEx but it seems after much failed attempts and some google searching that Regexp in Claws does not work properly if at all. Apparently it had a major memory leak bug and was disabled and never fixed.

So, My question. Can anybody recommend a good lightweight email client with great filtering capabilities (including Regex that works). Preferably something with a UI as I'm not that proficient with the CLI and want to be able to add filters quickly and easily. I'm not too bothered about how good the UI looks as it won't be used for day to day emails.
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Kmail, Evolution - but might be too heavy again. But I'd probably not use VNC try "ssh -X thunderbird" but it might still be slow. RPI pre-5 was pretty dire on the IO and lacked crypto extensions which won't help.

More fundamentally, I wouldn't be accessing email like that. I'd use something like imap, postfix,and procmail for filtering and delivery, and then use your favourite mac/windows client on your desktop.
Thanks. I don't use the Pi to access my emails, just for the filtering as it is an "always on" machine and a central point for the setup of filters for filtering and sorting emails.

The emails are accessed via my normal email app "Mail" on my mac. Mail itself has some decent filtering tools but my Macs aren't always on and the filters aren't synced across other macs on my network. Also, while Mail for Mac has filtering Mail for IOS does not. Emails are IMAP so the filtered emails are the same across all of my devices.

I don't really want to run and maintain a mail server, just looking for a client which has some decent filtering. The only time I would access the the client via VNC would be to add a new filter.

I'll take a look at KMail.
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You can also check GNUmail