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There do seem to be quite a few new ore re-badged films coming out these days, and rather than one thread for each film, I wondered about a thread where we can talk about our experiences with new films.

As a starter, I finished a roll of FilmFerrania ORTO, which was started on the Castleton day out. It's a 50 ISO black and white orthochromatic film, supposedly closely related to P30 (so high silver content again). I've seen one or two really positive reports about it, and a couple of lovely images. However, I'm struggling to find development information. I only have HC-110 at the moment, and the only info they give on that film is for dilution G stand. And, oddly, all the times given for ORTO development at to be 18 or 19 minutes! [EDIT: This was NOT true, see post 3!]

Has anyone else used it?
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Having just watched a video on ORTO ( I've got a bit of s sinking feeling... when I loaded the ORTO in my MX, I left the yellow filter on my lens because, well, it just stays there. So I'm guessing there's a fair chance I won't see much on the film if ORTO is insensitive to yellow as well as red!
I have just tried (and failed! - the story of my life) to find a data sheet for the film. It appears that Ferrania only produce film and not data sheets...

HOWEVER from the meager information I have picked up, Lina Bessonova may supply a crumb of comfort:

You may be sort of OK with a yellow filter. Let us know - you're breaking new ground for us. Remember, film is never wasted - it's either a masterpiece or a learning experience. And just reflect on how James Clerk Maxwell managed to get the first colour photo using blue sensitive plates... There's a lesson in that...
"Old Photographers never die; they just stop developing" Donna D. Conrad, quoted in The Film Developing Cookbook, 1998, p104
The other "new" film I've tried recently is REFLX LABs XX. Like Cinestill's BWXX, it's a re-spooling of Eastman 5222 stock. It was quite a bit cheaper than the Cinestill version, at $8.95 plus $5 delivery anywhere in the world, I've used a few rolls of BWXX and really like it, but it costs £15.50 a roll from AW! I enjoyed my first roll, and had no difficulty devving it in HC-110 dilution E. I had trouble with the second roll, however, as the guillotine in my Rondinax couldn't cut the film from the spindle. I had to put it in a dark bag and cut it off with scissors. It turned out therre was a short length of polyester attached to the spindle. The first roll had no edge markings that I can see, while the second had incomprehensible markings, facing both ways!

It seems like a useful offering, and a good film stock to have affordable access to, but overall a lower quality job than BWXX for its lower price, I thought.

2$04CPMXBW04 Church REFLX.jpg

Local chapel, REFLX DOUBLE X in my Pentax MX with a SMC Pentax K 55/1.8 lens, yellow filter. Devved in HC-110 dilution E.
They were at the Photography Show - I had a chat with them, and have the tote bag to prove it. I was interested, but not being a 35mm user it was for learning for future reference.
I did note they re-use 35mm cannisters so may affect your Rodinax use if the XX is taped to the end of the previous film.
Not too many films are polyester, so it's not a bad bet. The strip on the spindle of one of the two rolls of REFLX DoubleX so far was clear plastic, not film AFAICS. I've got 3 more rolls, so we'll see, but I like XX and will almost certainly try your suggestion, thanks.
Another film released recently was Film Ferrania P33, an ISO 160 black and white film, apparently designed to be a bit more forgiving than P30. I've been looking for a few rolls for a while now. I even had a couple of rolls in my basket at AW, but while I was trying to work out what to add to get free shipping, someone else bought it under my nose! I put it on back order, but have heard nothing for a few weeks, so I decided to do another search. Ferrania themselves had some in stock but the shipping was stupid. Then I saw a company called The Little British Camera Company had some in stock. I'd never heard of them, but I went ahead and ordered three rolls plus five Kentmere 100 anyway. I was slightly anxious, but a couple of days later I had notification from RM and then they arrived at my door. OK, they do exist!

Opening the box was initially disappointing, as there was only room for 7 rolls and that's all there were (5+2). There was a phone number on the invoice, so I rang them up; very apologetic, said they would send me another roll right away, and drop in another roll of P33 to try to make up for the aggravation! That arrived this morning, so I now have 4 rolls of P33. I'll be loading them soon, but it might take a while before you see them (my workflow is, um, rather protracted!).