Nifty Fifty Challenge 2024 - Chat thread

Soon be time for round #2 woohoo
I don't do Valentines, but it's been fun thinking/talking about themes that are safe.. but could be twisted and fun :D
Absolutely agree with you, mate (y)
Thread and theme are up and ready for Feb.

I'll add the poll after work tomorrow night.

Yikes. I'd better try and work out how to shoehorn something in to this month...
Hmmm that may not be as black and white as it seems, it could be a shade difficult ...

Hmmmm interesting theme :thinking:
@Gav. I've put up a notice to get people voting
Hmmmm Silhouette,
I have an idea, all I need now, is for it to stop raining, to proceed.
On the other hand, it may turn out to be silly&wet

Month of love :exit:
And you decided on Silhouette?

I'd already bought a couple of lambs hearts from Tesco( I love stuffed baked hearts)
and was going to dissect them.
Looks like I'l have to eat them instead :D
This bloody weather isn`t helping. I`ve already screwed up a couple of goes. Hey ho, onwards and upwards ;)
I'll try a behave now :angelic:
So I am curious to see what a silhouette of "a behave" looks like...
Just warp your camera in cling film and get out there ;)
a warp drive camera, how many frames per nanosecond? :exit:

Don't you just love typo's!