Nikon F2 AS

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Hello everyone - Last week I found an old Nikon that had been given to me about 25 years ago - I put it in a box and forgot about it… I found it and realised thanks to the film community on Twitter that it was a F2 AS – Many people made comments of such a wonderful camera that I thought I would clean it up and see if it still works

It cleaned up beautifully – there’s hardly any battle scars apart from a dink on the edge of the lens (typical) where I guess it was once dropped

I was just going to put a roll of firm through it and see what happens

I was hoping there are a few experts on here that can help me with two things

Firstly – has anyone replaced the foam seal that the mirror ‘lands’ on?

It also has a weird lever on the back of the camera which I guess allows double exposure – I’ve not seen anything like this before and while searching the internet over the last week I’ve not seen another one like it – if I’m honest I think it’s a pain as it’s quite intrusive when looking through the view finder so I may see if I can find a ‘normal’ back

I’ll post some photo’s if anyone is interested but would love to hear your thoughts and comments