Beginner Olympus E-410 and blurry shots

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Hi there,

I’m using Olympus E-410 (lenses: ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6; ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6) and in a natural daylight the photos are alright. However when the evening comes or I get inside all the shots are blurry…

Is it only the problem caused by lack of my experience or should I get a better camera?

Many thanks!


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100% your fault I'm afraid. Learn how to use the camera and what the settings mean and you'll soon see why.

The reason is when its dark, the shutter speed slows down to let in more light.. The slower the shutter speed, the harder it is to hand hold and get a non blurry photo. If you put the camera on a tripod and fire it with a remote release or self timer, I guarantee the shots will be sharp.

To solve it without a tripod, either raise the ISO to get a faster shutter speed, or use flash.
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Thread title : not something often seen! :)

The answer is simple : your e-410 is using a kit zoom with unimpressive apertures, indoor in dim light. (your lenses are very sharp by the way.)
It would like to raise the ISO to 6400 or above ... but can't because it is an old sensor and max ISO is 1600 and even that's terribly noisy and to be avoided.
So it lengthens shutterspeed to get enough light = slow shutter, movement of camera and/or subject = blur.
Not much is going to help you until you use the magic of FLASH!

You can throw a lot of money at a modern body with great high-ISO, and fast lenses with nice bright F1.8 apertures,
but stick a proper tilting flash ontop, bounced, or even off-camera flash and you'll have a whole new world of sharp goodness.