Photograph it NOW - boring photos can be interesting

The secondary school building has been a feature of my village for longer than I have. It got new windows in 2015. No point taking photos of it, it's a fixture. It's boring to look at anyway.

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Except today they're pulling it down.

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Stop chasing all over the place for 'great photographs' that nobody will care about in ten minutes time. Photograph your locality NOW. Even if it is boring, commonplace, unexceptional. It might not be there tomorrow.
And there it is, gone.

I also agree. When you read about old photographers, especially in XX century, they were carrying their cameras everywhere, taking photos of people and places that initially were not interesting, or significant at the moment of taking the photo. Years later many of those photos showed places, people and events that become interesting. Looked at Vivian Maier for example.
As I moved to Scotland almost 20 years ago, I randomly look up at my childhood places, on google maps, search for old photos of my Nursery from 80s etc
Being also a member of my birth town facebook account, where people throw old photos, I noticed that so many places disappeared, buildings don't exist anymore - its sooo amazing to see them on old photos, remind how it was back then.
This is my main reason I love photography.