Pic(s) you took today - an open thread

A few from my work travel today. The first two are of a dolmen that would have been a des-res in 3000BC.

Tumulus 3_resize_14.jpg

Tumulus 5_resize_57.jpg

The second building is a bit more modern. An old pavillion on a picnic area of a park. I sometimes shelter from the cold and rain in there when having my lunch.

Pavillion Mono_resize_46.jpg

All taken with a Nikon D300 & kit 18-200 lens.
We bought two super cheap Hitachi Freeview recorders about ten years ago. One stopped recording or playing back a few months ago and nothing I could do from the menus sorted the problem, Then yesterday the other failed in the same way.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so this morning I opened one of them up - not as easy as I might have hoped but inside I found a standard 3" Toshiba drive. As nothing seemed fried I took the drive out and reformatted it with a standard FAT. I then plugged it back in and powered up the board. Lo and Behold! A message came up saying the drive needed reformating and after telling it to go, up came the main screen. I chose a few test programmes to record and everything worked as it should. So it looks like my cheap Freeview recorders are good for another few years. :)

Hitachi HDR5T01 disassembly S10DSCN0827.jpg
Still trying to find my way around the D300. I had a 50% success rate today, mostly exposure errors. Here are some that made the cut....

Chaillac, Sculpture 2_resize_34.jpg

Corot, House & Waterfall. _resize_24.jpg

Corot, Stream, Portrait 2_resize_90.jpg

Corot, Broken Window_resize_95.jpg
Hi, a dunnock in the hawthorn tree :


From our afternoon dog walk. Work in the vineyard :


The cranes are coming back :


The crop taken with an MFT cam and a 20mm lens shows these are cranes and not mosquitos flying in formation :


And we met Bruno :

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Any ideas as to what these are??, spotted them today on the inside of the window, they are around 4mm long. Sorry about the dirt, the windows need cleaning lol.


Hi, it could be drops of dirty liquid ...
I hope it is something like that , I dont want anything hatching in the house lol, also there are quite a few of these things on the window.
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Cape White-Eye in the bright South African sun

Had a day fishing in the Cognac region of France. We too have great flights of cranes flying over. It is a welcome sign of spring. Anyway, I took time out to explore a 9th century church and a small haven where boats are moored. The D300 and 18-200 lens was called into service.

St Surin Church Interior Looking In_resize_42.jpg

St Surin Church Interior Chancel_resize_98.jpg

St Simeux Boats_resize_88.jpg
What a great idea.
Sadly you couldn't do that here, as people would just take handfuls. :(

Hi, they are made in such a way that you can pull out just a few, however hard you try (which I did ...)
Hi, they are made in such a way that you can pull out just a few, however hard you try (which I did ...)
But you can still stand there and pull out a few at a time until its emptied.
But you can still stand there and pull out a few at a time until its emptied.

Well, the dog owners seem to be quite disciplined. They do not do this, perhaps because the dispenser is always filled, and there is no reason for hoarding.
South Africa is famous for power cuts, comically called "load shedding" - maybe three times every day for 2 or 3 hour periods - it's a 24/7 problem - it has been like this for quite a few years - as the infra structure has just never been maintained or improved - almost 30 years of ANC rule and the "basics" have just not improved.

If you can afford it you move towards being self sufficient

Nikon 500mm VR

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