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I just had a PM from Jewel asking how to show pics directly in threads rather than just posting a link to them. I know a lot of people have problems with this - I did myself for ages.

Firstly the pic has to be posted (hosted) somewhere on the internet remote from your computer. You can't link directly to pics from your own PC.

1 Go to where your pic is hosted - for example Gallery on this site. Open the pic and make sure you are viewing it full sized.

2 Right click with your mouse on the pic and from the menu which appears select 'Properties' You'll see the URL (address) and name of the picture ending in the the file extension - usually .jpg (some sites you can click on the picture to see smaller versions of the pic and the URL and file name will have the word 'sized' in it. If that's the case it's being re-sized with software which Windows wont recognize and wont work when you try to show it in a thread.

3 Left click with your mouse on the file name (Ending in .jpg remember) and highlight it by dragging your curser over it.

4 Once highlighted press 'Control' and 'C' on your keyboard which copies the address into memory.

5 Now go to the thread on this site you want to post on and when you come to post your pic first hit the button just above your reply box which says Img which will print this tag Make sure there are no spaces then press 'Control' and 'V' on your keyboard which will paste the address of the pic right after the [img] tag.

6 Now press Img again which gives you this tag Note the difference with the second tag - the front slash.

7 Your finished address should be
with no spaces in between.

When you submit your post your picture will appear in it. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Once you've done it a few times you'll have the hang of it.


Thanks for writing this out maybe worth copying it to the members gallery forum and making it a sticky too?


Almost managed it just need to make it a sticky now..edit then tick in the "sticky" option then submit..not the most obvious place is it? :?