Probably the biggest external influence on my early years. RIP

Great sense of humour in a lot of his snaps. He did a lot in his long life. RIP.
Yes, big fan here, too. I thought he was massively well known?
I thought he was too, but haven't met many who know of him, or seen much about him online.
Saw this this morning

He was about the only person that had much influence on me, usually books had little interest to me, but I liked his work, though he doesn't seem that well known.

Started making me think how I could do better, instead of just shooting and hoping.
One of the all time greats and a sad loss.

I only have his Scotland book but lots of iconic photographs from him over the years.
I remember looking at his work when I did my photography course way back. He had some great work.
I was actually really sad when I heard this last night. It was only Tuesday evening I was sat with one of his books once our small human had gone to bed and talking to my friend about him. Wonderful photographer with so many iconic images.