Problem with camera

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Hello to everyone.
I need urgent help to find out what is going on with my camera Sony RX10 M4.
Last Sunday my friends and I went to the sea shore and I started doing some pictures. After about 7 shots my camera stopped working.
The Batteries were freshly charged and it seems that nothing was wrong with the camera.
All display went off. I tried to turn camera ON and OFF but is nothing happened, it still remains completely dead.
I came home, put batteries on charge, after that I tried to turn camera ON, but it still remained dead.
My zoom lens remains extended after camera stop working.
No damage was done to the camera in any way or it has been handled roughly, but it just went off and I do not know what to do.
Please, if any of you experienced same problem or know how to fix this problem without taking this camera for repairs, please let me know, I will very appreciate for any sound advice.