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I'm looking for a book I can use and take with me which I can use for reference when out shooting. Any recommendations? I've seen there are a few in dummies "DSLR for Dummies". Looking for quick reference in plain simple terms
Depends what you mean by 'reference'. For a nice introduction to photographic concepts without too much jargon, illustrated with work by major photographers in a book that's small enough to carry around with you:

Henry Carroll - Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

(also the sequels on 'People' and 'Places').

For something that's much more about the technicalities, perhaps:

Michael Freeman: The Photographer's Pocket Book

It's also worth keeping the PDF of your camera manual (which is usually downloadable) on your phone in case you need to check some setting.
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If you use a new camera infrequently you might like to note down the main settings that you've changed from the factory values and those that you want to check each time you take the camera out of the bag. I've done this with settings like how to change the AF mode, checking auto/manual ISO, checking image size/quality settings. etc. I made a one-page PDF file out of my checklist and put it on my smartphone for easy reference.