Review of the year 2023


The other Chris
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Happy New Year!

It is always good to reflect and take stock of the year gone by and see just how much we have achieved. Below are a small selection of photos from 2023 that caught the staff's eye, there is so much great photography being posted on this site that it is impossible to showcase it all and a massive thank you to everyone who has posted photos and threads and made this such a great place to visit.

Who do you think deserves a mention? Which great images have we missed? Feel free to post links in this thread.

Top Posters (ex.staff)

Most Liked (ex. staff)

As usual we have had the 52 and Film Phototographer of the year, and this year @lindsay ran Digital Photographer of the year. There is also the New Old Film challenge and its digital equivalent. ~Gav also ran the Nifty Fifty challenge in week 50

ASBOs ...
~STFPhotography earned himself an ASBO this year by a good margin for managing to get reported no less that 8 times.

Honourable mention
This gets a special mention because it is a perfect example of TP at it best, @FishyFish bought a Chroma Large Format camera (made by @stevelmx5 ) from @ChrisR and in a few months he is producing work like this, well done guys

Graveyard crucifixes by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr


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Somewhere on Coruscant by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr

Dawn, Aberdeen Beach by Mike Stephen, on Flickr

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@Ed Sutton - Dave started a new project


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@Crotal Bell

@Paul Iddon


And Paul has branched out into Drone work


@dancook - and congratulations to his wife
Louise Carnegie 2048 (1 of 16) - L1010081.jpg




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Some great images above!

Humbled (a little!) by all the likes and embarrassed (a little!) by the post count. Hopefully, there'll be some more photos from me over the next 12 months...

As always, thanks again to all the staff and posters of inspirational shots.
Well done everyone (y)
And thanks Chris ( @sirch ) for collating all the staff submissions, through the year.
Many thanks Chris ( @sirch ) for all your hard work and for including one of my pic's in the above selections.
Great review and some good work on display. :)
Great job other Chris and everybody else involved. Thanks for the mention too. (y)

Happy New Year everyone.
Once again the annual round up shows the diversity of really good photography to be found on TP. (y)

And thanks to @sirch for taking the time to put this review together, and for the mention - even though that new project of mine has fizzled out. :(
Thanks for summarising the year so neatly Chris, and for all the work you and the team put in behind the scenes.
Happy new Year everyone!
@sirch thanks very much for taking the time to post all these amazing pictures.
Well done too all the people taking these lovely pictures and for sharing with us!
Superb year and great photos everyone. (y)
I know someone that would have got a mention, but they removed the image that was "tagged" ;)

edit too slow :D
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I would just like to add my thanks to the Admin and Moderators for the site. There are many extremely talented members on the site who I strive to match but rarely do.
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Keep it up guys, the staff thread is now open, and we are on the look out for 2024 mentions :)
Great to see so many wonderful photos again and for the first time. Thanks to you, Chris and the other mods for the work you do, and thanks to everyone for making TP the best photography forum. Looking forward to another, better year.
Another wonderful year of submissions to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more great images in 2024.

A big thanks too, for all the hard work put in by the all of the TP team.
Some absolutely stunning captures in this thread!

I really must wonder round the various sections of TP a bit more