Roller Bag Advice Please..

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Currently, i have two Lowepro bags, one is a shoulder bag, the other a backpack type. I am considering buying a roller bag as i cover weddings, portraits, etc etc and i feel having all my gear to hand, but not having to cart both bags around would be advantageous. Currently, i have two bodies, six lenses of which two are tele, two flashguns, 5in1 reflector, softbox, two umbrellas, two stands, a 2metre x 1 metre pop up backdrop and all the bits such as chargers, memory cards etc etc.... i know it would be pretty difficult getting the large backdrop in a bag, but if i could get most of the other gear in there, i'd be happy. If there are reasons, for and against a roller bag, i'd welcome your comments on those too. Thanks very much...