1. Joss Denham

    Best lens set up for weddings

    Hey everyone, wondering whats your favourite lens set up for shooting weddings. Im 85/35 with a 28 in my bag. shooting on sony a7iii.
  2. N

    Flying with camera gear

    Hi. Next month I'm planning on flying to Greece with my DSLR, along with tripod and 2 lenses... Planning on checking in the tripod, but carrying on everything else? Would that be ok with UK and Greek security? And any packaging tips? Thanks!! :D
  3. Moey

    Roller Bag Advice Please..

    Currently, i have two Lowepro bags, one is a shoulder bag, the other a backpack type. I am considering buying a roller bag as i cover weddings, portraits, etc etc and i feel having all my gear to hand, but not having to cart both bags around would be advantageous. Currently, i have two bodies...