Satirical Web Sites and Copyright.

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I suppose almost everyone has seen sites like "NewsThump" etc which publish ludicrously fake and satircal news stories about current affairs and public figures. Not only are the stories clearly untrue but there are always photographs of the public figure in question.

Here's a typical example

How do these sites get away with it legally? Obviously, the stories are ridiculous and no-one in their right mind could imagine that these articles actually do harm to the reputation of the person concerned, but what about the photos? Have they bought stock photos or is there some fair use policy that exists?

We seem to live in times when you can get sued at the drop of a hat but I've never heard of any of these sites falling foul of the law. How does it work?
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you could probably do it all legally without paying too much. It is just a file photo of the one I shall not name, and it could be used all over and over again. Cost - probably less than $10, or likely just $1 and they can make far more back in advertising. That is one reason I don't do stock any more - there is NO MONEY in it left after greedy agencies take their 80% of the pennies.