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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about life the universe and most importantly the Official TP 52 challenge.

1) Every Thursday afternoon I will post a theme for your delectation
in the discussion thread. And I'll change the weekly headings in the info threads.
Due to the current climate you may Re-edit an archive ... This is freely available to use with any theme

2) 5 “free” weeks will be posted through the year. ( Snappers Choice)
Use these to catch up, have a week off or post an image of your choice.

3) When incorporating a technique, please add it to the image title.

4) One image per week’s theme to be posted on the main image thread. Post as many as you like in your own personal thread.
4a) Your main image ( posted on the front page) must fall in line with the theme and technique.

5) Every 2 months a technique will be posted on the first Thursday of that month
Use this in / on ( at least) one of your images for the coming 2 months.

6) Please give honest with feed back, everyone likes feedback on their images.
As It won’t be possible to comment on them all, just find some that you like, or don’t like and say why.

7) And finally, please remember that Critique is not Criticism, If you don't agree with something someone said,
either reply with why you disagree, or ignore it, but please, do not get upset by it.
We are a friendly bunch in here, and long may it continue to be so.

Sign up HERE

List of themes are HERE

Start your own thread HERE

Post your image HERE
and link it back to your own thread.
No comments in this thread please, comments on the personal threads only.
Transgressors will get the “order of the donut”

Discussion / idle chat thread is HERE

How to's (click-able linky's)
Create a link
Up load from flicker
Upload to and from your TP Gallery and remove an image
Or you can use the “Upload a file” button in the thread reply box.
The mountain in the top title bar can be used to insert image links from the likes of smug mug.

If you're using the app on android.
1. Open the picture
2. You should get 4 options at the bottom, edit, comment, share, info.
3. Select Share
4. Select "Copy URL" (should be the top option)
5. Paste the URL into your thread.

If attaching a file direct from your PC / device, into a thread.
this must not exceed 1024px on the longest side or 500Kb
otherwise it will fail to up load.

2021 TP 52'ers Flickr group

2021 Spread sheet

(Thanks to Tim @LC2 & @minx for stepping in to do it again in 2021 )

The spread sheets from the years gone by.
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