Transferable Skills between Photography Genres

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For five years I shot almost exclusively landscapes, however recently I have been spending quite a bit of time with other genres of photography including product, portraiture and wedding. This has lead me to think about which skills are transferable within each genre of photography and ask if a background in one sets you up well for another? My own observations have been that photographing landscapes has set me up to be quite happy with composition in most other genres I have tried, however I have had to devote more time to developing and learning other skills needed i.e camera lighting and instructing clients.

Does a background in one genre set you up well for another? Or does it just come down to the individual? Are some transferable skills more important than others? Does say a fashion photographers find it an easy transition to weddings or a highly skilled sports shooter have acquire the reaction skills to be able to be good at street photography? Not expecting answers to all of these, just some things to mull over!