What brightness level do you have on your iMac or MBP when viewing images

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I have always found that I need the brightness level to be at maximum when viewing images on the internet, (and this forum)?
Just checked again - I have a couple of iMacs - Late 2014 and 2020 - it's almost 100% on the 2014 and about 75% on the other - my M1 MBP is about 90%

I noticed this when I moved all my images using LR onto the newer iMac - (previous used the 2014 at 100%)

The reason I ask is that it obviously effects the level of "brightness" I see in LR and the images I edit to post on this forum etc., plus the images that I view on the Forum?? - or am I spouting a load of rubbish
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For my new Dell Ultarsharp on a new W11 PC, I have 53% brightness which was a result of calibrating with a Spyder X. These displays fade over the years and I have to gradually increase the brightness to calibrate. Once I reach 100%, I replace the monitor which is probably at least 8 years old by then.

4 bars - that's 25% - there are 16 bars?
Sounds about right. Yes, I thought it was low when I was advised by a pro printer to use that level, but it works for me. That's in normal grey (Yorkshire) ambient light, side-on to a window. The first time I tried it my print was spot-on, having struggled for years.
It varies with the ambient light levels... if you have control of the ambient light levels (covered windows/etc) then you can use a single setting reliably. That's probably the biggest weakness in my editing workflow.
edit with full brightness and then drop it to half, make any adjustments if needed before getting something printed