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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Something milky from this afternoon in Coed y Brenin... Water Medley by Alan Jones, on Flickr
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    Does anyone use reflectors for landscapes?

    No, not a reflector but I have thought about it. I have used speedlites in the past to illuminate a bit of foreground...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Thanks guys :thumbs: Actually work tends to be more along this sort of line... Pretty damned boring!
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Last week I had to go in to work, luckily I had the camera with me in the boot of the car. At 5 o clock I walked out of the windlowless warehouse and was greeted by this. OOC JPEG, slightly cropped at the bottom to remove a fence post (and obviously added border!) Easiest photo I've ever taken...
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    Beginner Fujifilm Camera – Issue with Filenames/Frame Nos/File Numbers

    As I recall you have to set your file names to renew then format the memory card, otherwise it will just start from 1 inside the last folder that's there, as you've found. You need to format to get rid of any existing file structure, then once you've done that change it away from renew again and...
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    Lightroom 6 update after reinstall?

    LR 6.14 is out there, though it's hard work getting it. I had the same issue with my new laptop a few months ago. I can dropbox you the installer if you like?
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Thanks for the kind words folks, means a lot :thumbs: @ff1d1l if you're up for a meet at Dinorwig some time give me a shout, tis my favourite place to spend a few hours with the camera
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    This is a few years old now... X-T1, 14mm and Lee Big Stopper: Fingers by Alan Jones, on Flickr
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    That's an unusual viewpoint, I like it!
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    Imports could be more expensive or scarcer into the UK from 2021

    As I understand it on marketplaces such as eBay, they will be responsible not the seller. In which case you WILL see an increase on eBay, but only MAY see an increase buying direct, because nobody will be bothered to register for that jazz in the far east. Just like when we in the UK sell to...
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    Fingers crossed it'll be sorted in no time, My 10-24 took a tumble and had to have a new front element and filter ring, was done pretty sharpish and no charge beyond the fixed price stated on the website.
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    IS anybody able to post some comparison images from the 50-140mm with and without the 1.4x teleconverter? And if they also have a 55-200mm they could throw into the ring I'd be real grateful....
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    The Fabulous Fuji X owners thread

    I managed to go for a little walk earlier to somewhere I think I first saw on here, and I used to live at the bottom of the hill as a kid! Y Tŷ Powdwr by Alan Jones, on Flickr View:
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    Wales "Hinterland"

    Here you go...
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    Best Couriers?

    Worth mentioning that you can now pay 72p extra for Royal Mail to collect your parcel from you. I just sold an item on ebay which was meant to go Hermes, but because it went for £100 Hermes are no longer cheap (It would have cost over £7 to send because of the insurance value). Royal Mail -...