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    Nikon D850 and Neewer 910

    Probably the flash that is the problem but when i use it with my D850 there is a 1 or so second pause before it will fire. This happens on all modes. Anyone came across it before with the same or other 3rd party flashes? Thanks
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    Strange pattern A7R iii

    I tried editing the same picture in Lightroom last night and strangely the anomaly does not appear. I will upload a couple of Raws to somewhere later for people who want a look at them.
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    Strange pattern A7R iii

    Nothing in the way. Shooting from a hide at birds 3 to 5 metres away.
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    Strange pattern A7R iii

    More info might have helped. Sony A7RIII Sigma 150-600mm Canon fit with MC-11 Adapter ISO - 3200 f7.1 1/500 sec No Filter. Here is the untouched original. No pattern appears in Camera Raw but the second i port to Photoshop it appears.
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    Strange pattern A7R iii

    Shot this picture this morning and on processing it i noticed this really weird "Chicken Wire" pattern in the image. There was nothing in the background to cause it and only seems to appear in dark background images. Anyone came across this before? Thanks
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    Nikon 200-500mm f5.6 VR Hood replacement.

    Anyone know where i can buy a third party one or even a 3D printed one? £40+ for a new one seems a little steep. Thanks
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    ID Needed

    Came across this today but so far it has me stumped. Anyone know what it might be?
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    First outing with Laowa 100mm 2:1 Macro.

    Had this lens for around a week now but only managed to try it out earlier today. All handheld, quite a bit of wind around to and not a lot to photograph so I will reserve judgement on it for the time being. Heres a few i managed to shoot.
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    First Macros - Pet Butterfly and a Fly.

    My first macros. First up is my pet Butterfly. I rescued it from a spider the other day and it wont leave me now. 2nd up is just a fly i managed to capture in the garden.
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    85mm filter holder at 17mm full frame - would this work?

    Depends what lens really. If its a mirrorless system with a small thread it should be ok but if its a 77 or 82mm thread no chance.
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    The Amazing Sony A7/A9/APS-C & Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

    Hi Folks Little question here and its driving me nuts. How can i use the Back AF button without it zooming on the A7R III. I realise its probably staring me in the face but for the love of me i cant find the answer. Thanks
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    A few from the Lake District last year.

    Popped down to the lakes and surrounding areas for a few days last summer. I must confess i didnt really like any of the following images but they seem to have grown on me over the past few months so they will finally get to see the light of day.
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    Horses of Iceland

    Stunning shot but lying down shooting is not as stupid as you might think. Its well known (or at least i thought it was) that a horse will avoid you at all costs if it possibly can.