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    2020 The TP 52'ers challenge for 2020. Sign up thread.

    I would love to join this, please !
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    Beginner Flickr

    Many thanks to all of you . You have explained a lot ! I think I get the idea now. Thank you also for the prompt replies. I have been looking at the Flickr photos on this site, and I must say they are all very remarkable. Sand
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    Beginner Flickr

    I have been enjoying looking at the thread of flickr photos on here. Can someone explain how flickr works please ? So far ( not far at all ), I understand that once you join flickr you can upload your photos for others to see. I have read the terms and conditions, which unfortunately to me are...
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    Cormorant fishing (graphic content)

    Amazing shots ! Well done.
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    Colchester Zoo - Best of the Rest

    I love all of these. Again the wolf, is something I am trying to capture with no good result yet !
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    Muso (32) (Street)

    I like it too. Also shows movement.
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    Acorn time

    Fantastic shots ! How do you get the black background please ? Hope it’s not a silly question or off subject
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    All Things Wild

    Sorry, silly me. I thought it looked a little different. I still like it.
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    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    Are these scores views in one day ? Incredible ! If in total, still incredible !
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    Guillemot in flight

    This looks perfect to me. Well done.
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    Beginner I have returned

    Will do.
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    Canon 600mm F4

    It looks too heavy for me, but the photos would be great !
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    Beginner I have returned

    Ha, somehow I lost the site. I was a member and totally forgot. No idea how, as it’s such a good site.
  14. Barbara the tortoise with a strawberry

    Barbara the tortoise with a strawberry

    Tortoise eating strawberry