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    2 LR catalogue's?

    If you have deleted something from the Lightroom catalogues then it wont open as it doesn't have a database to open. Will one catalogue open? Do you backup yor catalogues, if so you may be able to open fom a backup, provided it's intact.
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    New iMac and Print Results Issue

    Calibrating the screen is a good step. I would also suggest you contact the lab to see how they expect to receive the images. I would suggest converting your images to sRGB colourspace for printing. Most labs tend to expect this as standard. Most importantly find out from your desired lab how...
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    How to combat saturation and loss of details

    I'd agree with getting decent software. I'd opt for Lightroom ( the classic version). You've got controls to adjust saturation and detail. I suspect that simply importing your images into lightroom will give you much better result without any adjustments. You can download a trial, to see what it...
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    Axial Lighting - Please help!

    This problem may be caused by unwanted spectacular reflection off the glass surfaces. You could try using a circular polarizing filter to try and minimize the the effect. If this helps, you could go further and polarize the light source. You can get sheets of polarizing material from Amazon at...
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    Monitor/printing help needed.

    As both your MacBook and BenQ screens look similar then its probable that you've calibrated correctly. Depending on your MacBook it is possible to have calibrations for both screens . MacBook pro's have had this facility for many years . I would suggest that you check what values you are...
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    BT good service

    I know BT often get knocked for poor service and expensive options. However when they get it right I think they deserve some credit yesterday by BT internet went down. First time in years. Hub still broadcasting wi-fi but no internet. Did all the usual things ( switched off and on again) Even...
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    Advice on a 3 camera setup + audio please

    I've done some multi-cam video's and found the easiest way was to use the audio from the cameras to sync each track( FCPX does this easily. I use a master audio track in the sync facility . I then have the ability to switch between views but use the master track for the audio. May seem to be a...
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    Which Mac Software for straight to printer

    Sorry miss understood your post. If you are using Canon equipment their capture software will let you do what you want as well. Plus its free ( with the camera). I've used it in the past and its a simple operation. If you have Lightroom that will work fine as you say. The advantage Lightroom has...
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    Which Mac Software for straight to printer

    The Mac should see the printer automatically. Go to System Prefs. Select Printer & Scanner. You'll see a column on the left side. Make sure the printer is plugged into the Mac and switched on. Simply click the + tab at the bottom and the Mac should find the printer and configure it automatically.
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    Sort images by time taken

    If you are using Lightroom, once imported, you can sort by `Capture Time in the Library module. The option is in the lower menu bar
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    Apple Time Machine on an external SSD

    Don't forget Time Machine copies everything, not just your user files. Have a look at what a time machine backup includes and you'll see its very comprehensive. You also have backups going back months or sometimes years ( if the HDD is big enough). That means if you deleted something months ago...
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    Business Printing - General high quality all rounder

    Although you won't use it to produce the 5000+ or so prints / quarter is it cheaper than having them done by a outside printer? Alternatively have a look at some of the smaller Xerox machines. I don't know if the quality will be up to your requirements, that' something you'll need to research...
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    Macbook Pro info required

    Technology moves on. And it’s sometimes the fact that older machines can’t handle updated os is because the chips that were state of the art years ago are not anymore. I’ve a 2013 machine which still runs the latest MacOS and software. 6 years on and still going strong ( all be it a bit slow...
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    Colormunki & Dell U2711 on mac

    Try setting th monitor profile to something standard , say sRGB. Now using this start point re calibrate to the settings you want. See f this makes any difference. Also are you letting the Colormunki set the colour temp, rather than using the monitors on screen controls. ( That's what I would...
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    How do you organise your video files?

    I also use Lightroom . It enables me to quickly rename the files with scene and take info. Additionall I can select what if any different poster frame I need .I can then choose which ones I import into my NLE. And it doesnt have any significant effect on Lightroom performance.