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    One Step Beyond

    Every picture tells a story.
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    One Step Beyond

    The one thing that stands out for me with your images is that they make me think,why? what? are you seeing when you squeeze that shutter button, excellence.
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    US cars - open thread

    I, like many others I suspect, enjoy looking at these every day, thank you for taking the time to show these.
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    US cars - open thread

    I don't know what it is but I like it.
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    US cars - open thread

    They really look after these machines dont they, I used to trawl the auctions in Saudi Arabia when i lived there in the seventies and eighties and there was row after row of american cars, now I suppose they will be mostly far eastern.
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    Out with a Pal of mine a wee while ago

    In my view it would have done, you did well to look past the model
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    Willy Lott's Cottage

    I think that's as good as it gets, love it.
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    Norfolk Xmas Lights

    I haven't a clue what the car is , but i like the photography.
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    Beginner Anyone using Darktable for PP?

    Maybe this will help, it did for me at first.
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    Sony A9ii Wireless Remote

    Hahnel captur remote , should be able to get one for Sony from Amazon at a reasonable price.
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    The Wallace Monument

    One of the better ones taken of this view,and i should know as i have taken a few myself, as an aside i was born in one of the houses on the road leading up to the monument.
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    Winter Starling

    Glad to see it, almost forgotten what they look like, haven't. seen one locally in a while
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    Grey Squirrel

    I like the close up, also the processing is done well for me.
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    What you listening to RIGHT now?

    Probably the best female guitarist ever. View: