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    Review Saal Digital UK Professional line photobook

    @Toxic , who did you find the matte photo finish? I was trying to decide. My female models will be a little less interesting than yours as I'll be filling it out with family photos for my first book
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    Review Saal Digital UK Professional line photobook

    I got the same offer, will give them a whirl. so far the software looks okay. I'm quite snobbish about the software offerings after having problems with all sorts of similar apps in the past. Photobox has always been good for home use, but then struggles with some plugins nowadays. Hopefully the...
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    Which dash camera?

    don't go cheap, you get what you pay for. I have had a few 30-50 quid cameras from ebay and they're all pish. Nextbase mid range cameras are where I aim now. Less than £100 but better in reliability, mounting features, compression quality of the video (this is REALLY key) and GPS which gives you...
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    Camera search

    for a random idea, if you can use a smartphone, then what about a Sony camera like this one? There are a few that are older, second-hand ones that are cheaper now. The reason I'm thinking of this is that you're trying to...
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    it is indeed quite clever stuff. I'll try to have a play if my trial hasn't expired already.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    I looked at the software and it's pretty good, I might play some more but won't buy it. The cost is okay but it has no plugin integration into lightroom (an action or a filter or an output upon export would do). you can integrate as an external editor but that's it. They don't have a batch...
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    great to know, a top tip. I have no problem with paying $80 for decent software that I'll use for shots like this. you can't just take shots like this again like you can with other types of photography thanks
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    Portrait lens

    on the 7D2, a 50mm is a great item. For quality, the Sigma ART is nice. For simplicity the 50mm 1.4 is great. For try before you spend too much, the 1.8 50mm is still good I think
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    a fair point. It's a charity boxing match rather than a pro fight. I was on an entrance platform with none of the crowd behind me and this was as close as I get. Often on a fixed lens I have to crop in.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    cheers Dougie, I'll have a look at some selective sharpening. But you're right, the shoulder is in focus, I think that's what the focusing caught. I was running this at around 1/400s to 1/600s depending upon the fighter's speed.
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    boxing knock out and I missed the focus!

    I don't normally post but wanted to contribute again after much time away. I missed this shot, but the boxer didn't. The focussing is off, as I couldn't keep up! I was rather close to the fighters, 35mm and uncropped. I don't mind some constructive critique. Does this still work even though it's...
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    Getting around a tripod ban

    how long an exposure? image stabilisation and a monopod?
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    Yet another which monitor thread

    U2515H here and it's doing well. don't regret a thing
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    lefties cameras

    sorry to hear about your health issues. regarding the screen you can switch that off of course. I'm left eye dominant and always use my left eye when snapping. I would steer away from canon to start with and look at mirrorless options for reasons of handling and weight to start with. much more...
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    24-70mm 2.8L or Tamron

    I take it that this is the version 1 of the Tamron lens? there is now a v2. one question is what do you shoot? do you need the best autofocus for moving targets? do you need the 'better' weather sealing? Do you shoot any videos where IS would be really helpful?