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    Fuji x100f

    I also use Capture One. That said, I also shoot JPG + RAW, which allows me to just browse the JPEGs simply in directory view. Plus, Fuji produces gorgeous JPEGs, some of the film simulations (Classic Chrome, etc) are excellent, and I honestly don't post-process much.
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    Fuji 100 - 400 extending...

    Mine doesn't do that. But there is a reason it has a lock button. Could be it depends on how much use its gotten, maybe the zoom ring gets softer with use. Mine's pretty unused. Mine does this as well. I tested out the lens by clicking it one way or the other and taking pictures, and couldn't...
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    Beginner Just starting out.

    I would think more about which lenses you would like to shoot with. Figure out what you'd like to shoot, landscapes, portraits, travel photos, etc. Looks at which camera systems have the lenses that you want, where you can get the best bang for your buck.
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    Beginner What is the best cloud back up service?

    If you have a lot of pictures, cloud backup is not for you. Especially not at the internet speeds you're getting. Not only does it take a huge amount of time to upload the pictures, if something does go wrong, how long will it take to download them back to your computer? Much better to use...
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    Beginner 6 stop or 10 stop?

    When I started out I bought a 10 stop filter and honestly, I found it to be over the top. Even now, my ND1000 from B+W gets very little use. Most of the good light for landscapes is not strong mid-day light, so a 1000x shutter speed decrease is often too long. If you're just starting out, I...
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    Let’s see your best 2018 pictures

    One of my last year's favourite photos was actually one of the first, now over a year ago.
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    The Grand Tour (Clarkson, May & Hammond)

    Well, I watched it and I quite enjoyed it. I don't think there is another show of this style that puts quite that much effort into production. Sometimes it even feels over the top, but I'm glad we've got at least one show like this.
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    Milky Way

    Get Stallarium, its an excellent program. It will show you the location of the milky way (as well as stars) and any time/date you wish, for any location. It will also show you how light/dark it is, generally speaking, up north the months around the summer solstice (21st of June) are too light...
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    Fuji 56 1.2 for candid street shots

    I have the 56mm f/1.2 and I find the AF to be too slow for street shooting. Portraiture - OK, but for kind of "catching the moment" type of shooting, not really. Only if you pre-focus.
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    Thoughts on a mirrorless as a take anywhere camera? Lumix gx9

    I own an APS-C, as well as having logged some 50k shots with an E-M5. The IQ is better with an APS-C camera, but not that much difference. Other than shallower depth of field, APS-C doesn't really enable me to take any shots I wouldn't otherwise take. The difference between 1.5x, 1.6x and 2.0x...
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    Camera sales set to plunge, say Canon

    Yeah, but for virtually all companies camera equipment is tied in with lots of other businesses. So it isn't really as simple as "this division loses money, lets axe it". For example, Olympus camera division lost money for over a decade and they were perfectly OK with it. That's because their...
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    Camera sales set to plunge, say Canon

    I'm not really sure about this. These are all Japanese companies, and I'm not sure they'd be willing to admit failure. For example, Pentax & Ricoh lives in a little world of its own, and has been happily doing so for quite a while, with under 2% market share. If they haven't given up, I don't...
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    Camera sales set to plunge, say Canon

    I agree with this, but I have a feeling, in a way, that is how it is already. In my circle of neighbors, family and friends, I know only one other person, who has an actual camera. Most of them still believe that if you want "real" pictures, you need a "real" camera, but they're not willing to...
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    Olympus + Canon = space station

    I didn't even know you can do that!