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    Red (Unhappy) Stag

    That is an incredible shot, well done!
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    The sun going down on lion.

    Great shot of a beautiful cat. The background contrasts so beautifully with the subject it's amazing. The background colours are beautiful but strange... On my monitor the grasses seem to have a bluish tinge? Not meant to be a negative on your image, it is stunning :cool:
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    That is truly stunning!
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    Wild Barn Owl

    Great shot! Love the bokeh in this, really draws the eye to the subject.
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    Wild A spot of preening

    Love this! Great to see an unusual shot of this magnificent bird.
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    Red Kites at Llandeusant.

    Great set, really love the third one. Those eyes!
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    Datacolor Spyder5Express - Amazon lightning deal

    Is the pro listed under electronics?
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    Wonderful source of old images! - Amazing historical record of the USA

    Just spent ages looking through this newly released archive of 170, 000 images from 1935 -1945. Enjoy!
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    Belated RIAT 2015 Shots

    Number 1 is fab! Has it had any sort of HDR applied?
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    Anyone Use The Nik (Google) Software

    I received Silver Efex Pro free bundled with my Epson R2880 printer in a deal WEX were doing a couple of years ago. When Google took over NIK I also received the complete bundle free - Good fun to experiment with, however I end up using only a handful of effects on a few selected images. A lot...
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    A few Aircraft pics from the last month or so.

    A great set! LOVE the jet wash from the low level Polish Mig :clap:
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    Cloud inversion from the Roaches

    +1 for keeping the tower! Love the dynamic movement suggested by this shot - Excellent!@
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    MacBook Air for image editing on the go?

    Base spec 13" 2013 MBA i5 with 4GB and 128GB SSD here. As a mobile solution works just fine. LR5 and Aperture both run ok for batch processing but would have picked 8GB RAM for slightly more headroom if choosing again. Unless used price differentials are not too great I would still choose the...
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    Win 10 Email Contacts

    I read the thread title and thought I was entering a competition :LOL: :coat:
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    The Official Fuji X Pro 1 Thread

    Just WOW :cool: