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    Weekly Jason's 52 in 2016 - TOPICAL

    Thank you Cheers Thanks you.....I can see your guys point (y) Cheers Cobra That very true Susie....Life is fragile and delicately sustainable Cheers Cheers DK.....all valid points there mate Not negative at all...Super crit and food for thought. appreicate your time Cheers Alan...
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    Posiview's TP52 2016. Week 52 Celebrate added. FINISHED :)

    Living world: Like everything about it. Motion, comp, lighting, reflection and soft tones. In general, very soothing. Spikey: I like the idea but spikes looks a little flat, some placement of spikes on top back of head might have rounded this off nicely ?
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    Weekly d00d's 52 in 2016 ... week 52 celebration

    Living world. Definitely number 2 for me. The living Vs death juxtaposition is in your face brilliance. Love the meaty bits on the black fellows beak Spiky: Spikes perhaps a tad lost in the background but do like the central lighting and the vignette type appearance this creates
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    TP 52'ers Class of 2016 Post your images here no comments please week 52 Celebrate / celebrations

    Week 9 - Living World LINKY Living World by Jason Glyn, on Flickr
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    Weekly Jason's 52 in 2016 - TOPICAL

    Week 09 - Living World The duty to keep the world alive and living is in our hands - Thats my interpretation for this weeks theme anyways. I know this is a cliched picture, but its all I could come with for now. I shot the picture of the hands myself and the globe is ripped from the internet...
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    Weekly Jason's 52 in 2016 - TOPICAL

    Point taken, and it is a valid one opinion. Thanks for the comments (y) Lol....yeah I very much a fan of dark and grungy. THanks for the visit, much appreciated Hi Susie. I copied and pasted text and extracts from the internet into a word document and edited text in there. I then pasted the...
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    Weekly Susiejb 52 in 2016 Celebrate

    Topical: very nicely done. Crisp and clear with good whites and black's. Really like the idea and composition. All round this has a very polished feel to it. Have to agree with @LC2 here also - Im always mindful of sensationalism in the news and this is again proof of how subtle a form it can...
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    Carl's 2016 TP52 Challenge **Completed**

    Hi Carl, Danger(ous): that's a beauty. Nice abstract feel to it and the exposure is spot on. A well refined and classy shot Topical: agree with Steve about matching background - that's a nice touch. Also the movement in the sugar brings the picture to life and definitely adds that extra...
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    Weekly dankabass3 TP52 for 2016 - WEEK 17 - ROUGH added

    Dangerous: the first thing I thought of was not cars but the recent craze of hanging off high rise building and bridges etc. Nicely on theme and a great reminder of your trip up the shard. Also really like the number of red buses in the scene. Solid effort!
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    Weekly Clives TP 52 Week 52: Celebrate

    Dangerous for sure and I appreciate the engineering gone into but man is it ugly! Would like the danger of death sign to be more in focus to but full marks for getting the whole pylon into the frame
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    TP 52'ers Class of 2016 Post your images here no comments please week 52 Celebrate / celebrations

    Week 8 - Topical LINKY In the news this week by Jason Glyn, on Flickr
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    Weekly Jason's 52 in 2016 - TOPICAL

    Week 8 - Topical Composite contains extracts of most popular UK news storys this week (w.c 22/02/2016). I thought this was topical on 2 fronts - one, that its a record of the hot topics in the news this week and two, the fact it contains no photography which is always debateable ;) In the news...
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    Weekly Jason's 52 in 2016 - TOPICAL

    Cheers Carl. Glad you took the time to look him up. Cambridge is a great day out if you never been Cheers Mandy.....a good man can never do enough to keep the romantic flame burning Cheers - agree about mono, must give it a try I agree Alan.....Im all for keeping an open mind Cheers for...
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    Weekly Viv1969's Try at 52....The Sequel....2016 Week 50, 51 & 52.... And finished

    That is awesome... So funny and clever!
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    Weekly Stevesc's 52 in 2016. Week 35 "Black and White" added

    Camouflage: great idea for the theme. Lighting spot on and just right. Like the smidge of rim light on the front piece Dangerous: now who the hell would want to keep that as a pet?....... bet @Cobra would! Like the catchlight in the eye and teeth on display leaving us in no doubt this fellow...