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    Snowy North Yorks today...

    Lovely shots. Winskill in the snow is a real ankle breaker isn't it! :)
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    You might be ok. I am not quite sure how soon the ivy dies after it turns red. You certainly might capture more orange in the trees. This is how it looked on Monday - (Facebook link).
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    If you haven't been yet, I would go soon. It is pretty near perfect at the moment. Managed to get over there this morning.
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    This is a shot someone posted on facebook from this morning (its on an open group, so hopefully you can see it) -
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    Tu Hwnt i'r Bont - Llanrwst

    I have been keeping an eye out for the right time for this spot too! The ivy (or whatever it is) on the building has started turning already and it seems the roof is just about red now with it slowly creeping over the rest of the building in the next week or so (at a guess) the trees behind all...
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    Adobe Creative Cloud Photography @ Amazon Prime day deal £69.99 - eqv £5.83 month :)

    It limits you to one per customer, but it seems you can order one of the postal ones and one of the email ones :D
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    Amazon prime day ( or rip off day )

    Depends on what you are buying. £60 off Adobe Creative Cloud is a good deal - (although I am sure they ususally do it for £99 not £120).
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    Sorry to hear that Kev. Hope everything turns out as best it can.
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    Well........that didn't last long.
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    printing and framing questions

    I display and sell my mounted prints in simple clear cellophane bags. There are many places online to get them from places like - to I would...
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    Please explain car keys to me

    I could be very wrong but I think there are two parts. The traditional key with its specific and unique "pattern" that fits into your ignition and locks etc. There is then the imobiliser which is electronic in some way that needs to be present in the key for the ignition to actually be turned...
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    Name that tune

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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    He didn't have much choice really overtake wise. He had to take the chances and try and at least keep in touch with the points scoring positions otherwise he might as well have just parked in the garage before the race started. The moved worked perfectly the time before, was just unlucky to...
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    90% chance of rain for the Monaco GP!
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    Formula 1 (and other categories) 2019

    More messy work from Ferrari. Wouldn't suprise if a useless sacking of someone high up happens again....seems to be their only plan these days. Good news is should see some boom or bust driving from Leclerc! Might actually make it an interesting race (for him).